Managed VPS Host – How to choose it?

When it comes to choosing the Best VPS provider, it could be difficult to take the right decission.
There are hundreds of VPS Hosting providers out there, seeking clients and promising them the whole world for $1 / year. You should be aware that the too good offer could be scam. We recommend you take the following steps while choosing the right hosting for you.

Is the VPS really Managed?

We at ZetServers don’t advertise offering managed VPS hosting, but we do help our clients with anything we can! We had cases when our clients asked us to help them find PHP script errors or investigate why the apache service is not running on their VPS. We also had cases when our clients asked us to install custom control panels for them and configure them. We always try to help our clients and we do that for free. Keep in mind that there are many hosting companies out there, promising managed vps services, but if you carefully read their TOS, you will see that their “management” is limited to cPanel first time installation or even OS installation only!

What Managed VPS means?

Always read carefully the hoster’s TOS and / or any hidden document, where you can find detailed information regarding the Managed VPS terms, conditions and what does it exactly mean for the hoster. At ZetServers, even if we don’t offer managed vps services, we do help our clients for free anytime as much as we can. Of course we won’t design full sites and we won’t create scripts, but our technical staff is always there wanting to help as much as possible 🙂

Managed or Unmanaged VPS?

Unmanaged VPS is cheaper, managed VPS is more expensive. The option depends on the provider and on your requirements. Always check with your provider how can he help you and what kind of management do they offer. If you have some knowledges, you can save some money and get an unmanaged vps. You don’ have to be afraid that it wont work. Google is your friend 🙂

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