Known Host or Scam?

When it comes to choose a VPS hosting provider you may be afraid that it could be scam. It is obvious that nobody wants to loose money. This article should help you open your eyes while searching for a reliable hosting provider. We at ZetServers think that any hoster should offer exactly what they promise in their advertising/website. Unfortunately there are many hosters who hide fees or contract terms and you can get your server suspended for no reason. Is it actually important for the provider to be a known host with lots of good reviews?

Fake customer reviews

There are many known vps hosting or dedicated servers companies who have dedicated marketing staff paid to write positive articles on forums or blogs, from the perspective of a regular clients using their services. Generally clients tent to write articles only when they are not satisfied. Very little percent of the happy customers will spam the niche forums and blogs with positive reviews about their hosting company. If a hosting company appears to be “too known”, it could be a sign that they are just posting fake reviews. Also you should analyze the content of the review. If there are only good things written without any informational or negative part of the story, it is most likely fake.

Scam reviews

A host having some scam reviews is not necesarry a scam. As we previously described, unhappy clients will spam the forums and blogs with negative reviews and it is likely for you to find many reviews written by the same person. We at ZetServers had a case with a client abusing the resources of the VPS we provided by sending DDoS attacks from it. As per our TOS we don’t allow such illegal activities. After warning him, we terminated his VPS. As a result, he wrote 50+ negative reviews on niche websites including ripoffreport, webhostingtalk and wjunction. He even created some blogspot websites, pretending to warn people about ZetServers terminating VPS with “no reason”.

How can I choose a provider?

As we previously shown, reviews are a way to know more about a hosting provider, but you should not rely only on them. You can:
– Choose ZetServers 🙂
– Ask your friends about what they use
– Check the domain age
– Check reviews (and analyze them carefully)
– Open a ticket on their website or send them an e-mail pretending you are interested in an offer and see how fast do they respond
– Check their test IP or website IP (do they own an ASN, do they own their IPs, do they own the hardware and/or network equipment)
– Post questions about them on niche forums or blogs
– Pray to get what you are looking for 🙂