How to install cPanel on CentOS 6

Install cPanel

To start off, go ahead and install screen and wget:

sudo yum install screen wget

Once screen is installed, start a new session running:


After opening screen, you can proceed to install cPanel.

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

Then close out of screen. The script, which may take up to one hour to complete will continue running while in the background—even if you close out the of server.

In order to detach screen type: Cntrl-a-d

To reattach to your screen you can use the command:

screen -r

Once cPanel finally installs, you can access the login by going to your-ip-address:2087 (eg. or domain (

Your login will be:

username: your_server_user
password: your_password

From there, you can create your cpanel user and finally login in at ipaddress/cpanel or domain/cpanel