Allow Uninstalling of Programs in Windows 7 in Safe Mode

The default setting for safe mode does not have the uninstaller service running. Here is how to set up the system to enable the running of the uninstaller service in safe mode.

The method involves editing the Registry and is for experienced PC users only.

  1. Open the Registry Editor
  2. Navigate to the Registry key:  HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\
  3. Right-click “Minimal”
  4. Select “New—Key”
  5. Name the key MSIServer
  6. Change the default data value to Service. The figure below shows the entry in the Registry editor.reg-edit-msiservice

The running of the uninstaller service in safe mode will now be enabled. If it is not already running, you can start the service from the command line. Open the command prompt with administrative privileges and enter:
   sc start msiserver

If you want the option of booting to safe mode with networking, there is a second Registry key that can also be modified. In step 2 above, navigate to:
Add a new sub-key called MSIServer to this key by right-clicking Network in the same way as described in steps 3-6 above.